North Carolina Flood Insurance

Be Prepared With Flood Insurance

Everyone lives in a flood zone -- a flood can happen any season, anywhere. If a flood happens to you, the fastest and most economical way to recover is with a North Carolina flood insurance policy.

Did you know that your NC Homeowners Insurance Policy does not cover floods? A flood insurance policy compensates North Carolina homeowners, renters and condo owners for all covered losses, and as opposed to a disaster loan, there is no payback requirement.

More than 20,000 communities have joined the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Nearly everyone in those communities--homeowners, condo owners, renters, mobile home owners, business, etc.--can buy a flood policy. This is good news considering floods are the most common natural disaster.

North Carolina flood insurance covers your structure and particular content items (if elected), but does not have additional coverages for things such as living expenses, business interruption, decks, fences, etc. Check with one of our agents today to see if your policy could include one of these coverages.

Know Your Flood Facts

  • Flood insurance is not covered by your homeowners insurance, business insurance, or other property insurance policies.
  • There is a 30-day waiting period for a flood policy to take effect.
  • 25% of all claims occur in low-moderate risk flood areas. -- One out of five people who file a flood claim with the NFIP live outside of high-risk areas.
  • Everyone lives in a flood zone. -- Flash floods and floods occur in all 50 states.
  • In the U.S., flooding is the #1 natural disaster.
  • Over a 30 year mortgage, there is a 26% chance of flooding vs. a 9% chance of fire.
  • Federal Disaster Assistance--if it is available--is a loan you must repay with interest.
  • Winter storms and snowmelt are common, but often overlooked, causes of flooding.

An Enormous Loss

Experiencing a flood is tragic enough, but to go through a flood with no personal NC flood insurance coverage is a tragedy. Do not let yourself ever be placed in this position. Starting with a home displacement for an indefinite period of time to the enormous replacement costs, you have too much to lose.

In fact, loss due to flooding can be very expensive. A rule of thumb is that each inch of flooding will cost the unprotected over $7,000. The last thing you need are worries on how to pay for the flood damage. You do not want to add the anguish you already feel.

Contact First Pioneer Insurance Agency and receive a thorough education on how flood insurance works. We will review what it covers (appliances and items inside the home) and what it does not (decks and items outside the home).

Your North Carolina Flood Insurance Specialists

North Carolina flood insurance protection is meaningless after a flood. Plus, every NC flood insurance policy carries a 30 day waiting period before it can take effect. So act now! At First Pioneer Insurance we have insured the residents and business of North Carolina from unpredictable flooding since 1980. We will make sure we share all of our knowledge with you.

Minimize your risk from losing everything after a flood by adding it to your current protection plan for a small cost. You have to protect your family and your assets.

Complete the Free NC Flood Insurance Quote Request form today and find out how we can protect you better.