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With the daily responsibilities of running your North Carolina farm, you might not have the time to properly research every available insurance program to find the one that suits your needs. You need a Farm Certified Agent; an insurance agent who understands our region and can provide the best protection at the best possible rate.

At First Pioneer Insurance Agency, we support farming as a business and a tradition. Our comprehensive Farm Insurance and Agribusiness Insurance options help ensure you minimize your risk exposure and maximize opportunities to grow. The companies we represent specialize in providing the best coverage and the most comprehensive educational materials.

Let the experienced team at First Pioneer Insurance Agency guide you through your options to help you operate safely, efficiently and with an eye on the future of your farming operation.

We Are Here to Help Your NC Farm Grow

Insurance is important to the success of your farm business and a knowledgeable agent will help you consider the exposures and risks you routinely face. We are committed to protecting you with a complete farm owners insurance program which can be designed to cover every aspect of your farming operation including your buildings, machinery, equipment, livestock, stock, and liability.

In addition to broad coverage for farm equipment, specialized policies for poultry houses and hog houses are available that cover loss of use and replacement cost. Our farm products are not just a commercial property policy or homeowners policy stretched to fit your farming operation. Each policy is tailored and flexible to meet your specific farming risks.

We can simplify your insurance program through packaging each line of coverage into a comprehensive policy. Not only will this save you money in the long run, it also simplifies the billing and claims processes. Our Farm Insurance programs can include coverages for farm auto, commercial umbrella, and general liability. Optional coverages can be added as well to fit your needs: borrowed farm machinery, extended custom farm operations, peak season stock coverage and milk contamination.

What is Covered? What Are You Paying For?

First Pioneer Insurance Agency will guide you through your coverage options by getting to know your needs. We will match your farming operation piece by piece to a streamlined policy to meet your specific requirements.

Do you have seasonal peaks in stock? Do you rent or borrow machinery? Do you house or transport workers? Are you subject to pollution liability concerns? Do you have seasonal agri-tourism exposures, such as a corn maze?

You will be covered where you need to be and will not pay for coverage that doesn’t apply to your business. Our experts will work for you so that you will receive the most efficient use of your insurance dollars.

  • Structures- Your home, barns, sheds grain bins, tenant or worker housing.
  • Machinery or Equipment- Tractors, combines, planters. Owned, rented or borrowed.
    • Borrowed Equipment- You may choose to have your coverage act as primary in event of a loss to maintain goodwill among neighbors.
  • Liability- To pay for damage to others on your premises or by your equipment.
  • Hay coverage- Limits vary and exceed typical coverage limits offered.
  • Peak Season- Pay for your higher inventory only during specific peak times of the year.
  • Disruption of Farming Operations- Covers extra expenses plus business income losses up to purchased limits.
    • Includes cost to resume normal operations including payroll.
    • Protects against losses to profits.
  • Custom Farming Operations
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Limited Farm Pollution Liability Coverage- Overspray of farm chemicals, leakage from tanks, transportation off premises.
  • Agritourism
  • Agricultural Products or Services
  • Auto Liability and Physical Damage- Commercial or farm use cars, trucks
  • Commercial Farm and Personal Umbrella Liability
  • Workers Compensation Insurance– Our agricultural workers compensation insurance program is offered in over 30 states and includes coverage for H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers.

Decades of Experience Across North Carolina

For decades we have been providing farm insurance plans for agricultural businesses in North Carolina, working only with reliable and reputable insurers. We are also endorsed by several different agricultural associations.

When you choose First Pioneer as your partner, you gain the benefit of that experience, plus:

  • Personal service – We take the time to get to know your farm and your insurance needs.
  • Efficient response – We will answer your questions and deal with any claims promptly.
  • Support and guidance – We can help you improve safety and minimize the risk of costly farm accidents which increases productivity and lowers your insurance costs!
  • Continuous review – We work with you to ensure you have appropriate coverage for your specific agribusiness.

Get the NC Farm Insurance Protection You Need Today

Our goal is to ensure your North Carolina farm is fully protected. You can rest easy instead of worrying about the risks that your farm faces every day and get down to the business of doing business. We will identify particular risks and protection gaps associated with your specific agribusiness and offer appropriate solutions.

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