North Carolina Home Insurance

It’s Not Just a House, It’s Your Home

Your homeowners insurance covers more than your home; it provides you and your family with liability protection, medical payments, coverage for other structures on your property, pays for loss of use, personal property coverage, and provides coverages for incidents you might not have foreseen.  If someone makes any claim of injury or property damage against you, everything you own could be in jeopardy. With adequate liability coverage your assets are protected in situations such as: claims for injury to others (on or off the premises), claims for property damage to others, liability defense costs and medical expenses for injuries to others.

Do not risk your family’s home and financial security by being uninsured or underinsured. We offer variable liability limits and personal liability umbrella policies to work in conjunction with your home and auto liability.  By choosing the right coverages and closing any potential gaps in coverage, we can help give you peace of mind and protect your home and family.

Custom Fit Homeowners Insurance Protection

Standard Homeowners policies cover the most basic of situations, but many policies require extra attention and added protection. By working with First Pioneer Insurance Agency, you will be able to customize your personal Homeowners policy and extend coverage limits to meet your specific needs:

  • Medical payments: Pays medical bills for you and others. Includes doctor, hospital and surgical expenses (regardless of whether your health insurance or other liability coverage already pays for the same injury).
  • Personal property: The value of your belonging can add up quickly. We will assist in determining the value of your belongings and provide tools to catalogue these assets in the event of a loss. You might also want to discuss specific high value items which may be named individually on your policy and items at another residence, such as a college dormitory.
  • Theft of valuables: Jewelry, silverware, firearms, furs, watches, art, etc.
  • Updates to building codes: In the event of a loss, your home may need additional updates to meet current code requirements.
  • Refrigerated contents: Pays for loss of contents due to loss of power or mechanical failure of equipment.
  • Business property– Do you telecommute, work from home or have a home office? This coverage can cover your business property in the event of loss.
  • Debris removal: Weather and fire can wreak havoc on property. You can insure specific trees or shrubs, or pay for removal of an uninsured tree which causes damage to insured property.
  • Credit card and Depositor’s forgery: A variety of coverage limits are available.

You may also choose from optional coverages to extend your NC home insurance protection such as dwelling replacement cost for your home, full replacement for your personal property, and earthquake and flood coverage. Our agents will discuss your needs with you to determine which coverage would be useful for your individual circumstances.

Know Your Limits

Are you certain that your home is insured to the proper value?  Your home represents a large share of your financial wealth, so you need to be certain you have North Carolina property insurance coverage that fully protects your investment.  ‘Insurance to value’ describes the amount of home insurance needed to build a replacement of your home if it is completely destroyed. Without adequate limits on your Homeowners policy, you could pay out of pocket for the majority of the cost to rebuild your home.

Do you understand the difference between the market value of your home, the tax value of your home and the replacement cost of your home?  These values mean very different things to you in the event of major damage to your home. Undervaluing the rebuilding cost of your home can have drastic effects on your wallet and your life.

First Pioneer Insurance Agency will guide you through determining the proper value of your home in today’s environment. We will include the various costs and conditions that likely have changed, or were not present when your home was originally constructed, to meet today’s coverage needs.

Your North Carolina Home Insurance Specialists

At First Pioneer Insurance Agency, we have protected citizens across the state of North Carolina since 1980. We know and understand North Carolina homeowners insurance. We also understand that what would take you 100 years to pay on an annual Homeowners insurance policy, you could be liable for in a five second tragedy.

Don’t just assume you are covered… know you are covered! We hope nothing ever happens to your home, but you have our promise that we will be there if something does. First Pioneer Insurance Agency will match your needs with a top quality product and industry leading company to comprehensively protect your home, your family and your assets year after year.