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Quality Coverage Is Within Reach

Gum disease is linked to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. Nearly 75% of American adults have some form of gum disease. Along with good dental care each day, regular dental checkups help detect, prevent and treat gum disease and related problems.

We can be sure you’re covered for a broad range of dental services. This includes routine fillings and extractions, and other services like crowns, bridges, and dentures.

It also includes preventive care. That means you can get checkups and cleanings twice per benefit period, which supports better oral health. And there are no waiting periods for cleanings, routine oral exams, and other diagnostic and preventive services.

A Network of Qualified Dentists

It’s easy to find a dentist you can trust – even if you’re out of town – with our broad local and national network. You’re free to visit any licensed dentist you choose. But there are clear perks to seeing a dentist in our network:

  • You don’t pay for any charges over the allowed amount for covered services.
  • Claims are filed for you, saving time and trouble.
  • Dentists in our network have been credentialed and approved.

Coverage You Can Smile About

We offer dental plans for all ages and just about every budget. You can cover yourself, your child or your whole family. Premiums are based on the age of each covered member.

With our plans you’ll enjoy:

  • Affordable premiums with easy ways to pay
  • Two checkups and cleanings covered each benefit period
  • No deductible or wait for preventive services
  • Coverage for fillings, gum treatments, crowns and more
  • Large network of dentists to choose from
  • Coverage for you and your family

A Choice That Comes With Peace Of Mind

We know you have a variety of factors to consider when you are looking for dental insurance in Aberdeen and anywhere in Moore County, NC. You need one that will meet your specific needs, your budget and your unique life circumstances. At First Pioneer Insurance Agency located in Aberdeen, our agents will walk you through the steps of deciding which plan can give you the protection you need.


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