Individual Insurance FAQs

My car isn’t running and I want to cancel my insurance. Do I need to turn in the license plate?

Cancelling your insurance before returning the license plate incurs a civil penalty for failure to maintain continuous insurance coverage. North Carolina law requires you to have liability coverage in effect on your vehicle during the entire time it is registered and the license plate is in your possession. If you do not plan to operate your car for an extended period of time, you must surrender the license plate to your local license plate office before cancelling your insurance coverage.

When your office is closed, how can I make a payment?

Most of the insurance companies we represent will allow you to make a payment by phone or on their website. Visit the Insurance Companies page on our website for a list of company contact information.

I made my auto policy renewal payment late and my policy was cancelled. Don’t I have a grace period?

Many customers mistakenly believe there is a grace period for making an insurance payment after the due date. This is not true when it comes to auto insurance. It is especially important to pay your renewal payment on time because most insurance companies do not allow any grace period on renewals.

What is a personal umbrella policy and why should I have this coverage?

Personal Umbrella Insurance offers an extra layer of liability protection for your assets if there is a serious auto accident or accident on your property. Lawsuits can happen regardless of your financial status. Almost everything you own could be used to pay a settlement or judgment if you are sued and don’t have adequate liability coverage. Today, courts are awarding larger amounts than ever before in personal liability cases.

Why should I schedule my high value items like jewelry, fine arts, and antiques?

For maximum protection, including receiving coverage above the special limit on theft losses, high value items should be insured under a scheduled personal property endorsement or personal inland marine policy. This allows for additional coverage beyond your home insurance policy and ensures the full value is covered in the event of a claim.

Doesn’t my homeowners insurance cover my golf cart when I’m driving it? Why would I need a separate golf cart policy?

Your homeowners insurance might not cover you if you drive your golf cart off your own property. If you’re one of the many people who use your golf cart as a means of travel around your neighborhood, or to your local golf course, golf cart insurance coverage is especially important.

Is flood damage covered by my homeowners insurance?

Homeowners often believe they are covered for floods when in fact they are not covered. Flood insurance is not included in a homeowners policy and you need to make sure that it gets added as a separate policy. We are finding with the recent storms that more and more people who are not necessarily in the flood zone can still get a flood.